There are 10 main reasons why maintaining a healthy lymphatic system is crucial to your health and wellbeing.

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We need to start prioritising the health of our lymph flow before it becomes critical

The lymphatic system performs a vital role in maintaining our health and preventing disease, yet we only pay attention to it when our symptoms are dramatic and debilitating...

Discover 10 Important Reasons Why You NEED to Prioritise Your Lymphatic Health.

In this guide I go into:

  • How you would know if your lymphatic system is overwhelmed
  • What is your lymphatic system (in simple terms I promise)
  • 10 reasons why you will want to start looking after your lymphatic system, and
  • What you can do TODAY to improve your lymphatic system.

If you're not yet thriving or feeling like your health is 100% where you would like it to be, it may be time to take a look at your lymphatic system. Grab the Lymph 101 eBook to unlock the easy changes that you can implement today to start bringing your system back into flow.

Hi! I'm Karen Hobbis.

A Kinesiologist and remedial massage therapist with over 12 years experience in bodywork and energy medicine. In that time I have helped many clients to understand the importance of the lymphatic system in the improvement of all areas of their health.

I am passionate about assisting clients to take charge of their own health, by giving them tools that they can use between visits to maximise their results.

More importantly I help my clients to uncover the root cause of their sluggish lymphatic system, through a holistic blend of Kinesiology and wellness coaching, so your body can return to it’s natural state of health and balance.

"Easy to read and understand"

It is a really good e-book that is easy to read and understand.

It has me wondering if perhaps I need a treatment?

Hayley E, SA

"A great read"

I'd heard of lymphatic drainage before, but in all honesty I really didn't know what it was until I read this ebook. A great read with easy to understand information and not too long to lose interest either. Very informative, and I have become intrigued and want to give it a go.

I truely value the information you have put into this Karen, it has made me think intuitively on my own personal health. Thank you.

Kim L, SA